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  • Abstract Pop Girl | Watercolor Poster Print on Canvas

    Modern Art $49

    Street art is a form of artwork that is displayed in a community on its surrounding buildings, streets, trains, and other publicly viewed surfaces. Many instances come in the form of guerrilla art, which is composed to make a public statement about the society that the artist lives within.

    This particular Street Art in abstract style of a Pop Girl using watercolor painting on Canvas has a stunning beauty and stands out in your living room or office.

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  • Africa Elephants Photo Print on Canvas Painting

    Animal $35

    Elephants are the largest land mammals on earth and have distinctly massive bodies, large ears, and long trunks. They use their trunks to pick up objects, trumpet warnings, greet other elephants, or suck up water for drinking or bathing, among other uses.

    Elephants have a positive symbolic meaning all over the world and are considered a symbol of good luck, power, success wisdom and experience. Because elephants are highly social animals, they are also considered to be a symbol of loyalty, companionship and unity.

    This poster print of Elephants will be a lovely wall art for your living room or office.


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  • Elephant Oranament

    Art Gift – A Beautiful Pair of African Mother Child Elephants Ornament

    Animal $69

    A Pair of Mother-Child Elephants ornament for your home or office decoration.

    Elephant is an amazing animal. It is a symbol of strength and reliability. A perfect gift for animal lovers on birthday or special occasions.


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  • Ballet Dancing Girl Figure

    Art Gift – Beautiful Ballet Girls

    Art Gift $59

    “A child sings before it speaks, dances almost before it walks. Music is in our hearts from the beginning.”
    -Pamela Brown-

    This art gift is an inspiration for your loved ones.  A beautiful ballet dancer figurines to grace your home and living space.


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  • Art Gift – Beautiful Pair of Swan Ornament for Home Decoration

    Animal $79

    Beautiful and Elegant Pair of Swan Ornament for your home or office decoration.

    Lovely gift for special occasions and a delightful sight in your house or office.

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  • Art Gift – Home Decor – Beautiful Vintage Deer Ornament

    Animal $69

    Beautiful vintage European style Deer Ornament.

    Wonderful as an Art Gift for loved ones during wedding, anniversary, graduation, birthday or just an expression of appreciation.

    Display in your lovely home, office, lobby, or your personal desk.  A reminder of nature beauty and a sense of peace and achievement.


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  • Lover Oranament

    Art Gift – Kissing Lovers Figurine for Home Decoration

    Art Gift $69

    Love is in the air.  A beautiful set of a kissing couple figurines. It will be a lovely gift for special occasions and a delight to display in your home or office

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  • Art Gift Fine Pen

    Art Gift – Pilot Namiki Sterling Collection Fountain Pen, Limited Edition Jaguar Design, Medium Nib

    Art Gift $580

    From a culture that has revered the art of writing for more than a thousand years comes instruments that celebrate both writing and Art.

    Where traditional techniques and modern innovations are fully realized in writing instruments that bridge art and technology, poetry and science, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

    A wonderful gift for loved ones for all great occasions.

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  • Art Gift – Wancher High quality Fountain pen Stainless Steel 0.5mm fine

    Art Gift $99

    Inspired from the ideals of Japanese Zen aesthetics, Zen collection embraces the minimal design where beautiful things are seen in the simplest things.

    Colors of the collection are also inspired from colors of nature. Earth, Fire, Water, Wind and Void (or Aether). Finally, the body is made from the finest quality of Acrylic to create the best transparency and reflection with ultimate smoothness.


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