ArtLoverStudio – Privacy Policy


ArtLoverStudio is an online art gallery created for the purpose of bringing Artists, Art Lovers and Art Collectors together. We provide this platform for Artists to share, publish, promote and market their artworks, while Art Lovers are welcomed here to enjoy the artistry, beauty, and inspiration that derived from the creative expression of their artworks.  All are welcomed to check out our collection of artworks from various artists and purchase the products for enjoyment and decoration of their homes or offices.

User Privacy

We would like to express our gratitude to all our esteemed Artists and Art Lovers for choosing ArtLoverStudio as the platform to share and enjoy art. We respect the privacy of the users (i.e Artists, Art Lovers who registered as Users on our website) and we are fully committed to safeguard the same while using our services. Therefore, we have released this privacy policy in order to make you aware of the information gathered by us and the manner in which we use it. By becoming a registered User, you become part of the ArtLoverStudio art community, and you approve our methods of collecting, disclosing and using information as mentioned in this privacy policy.

Gathering Of Information

You can browse the ArtLoverStudio website and enquire about the products & services without having a ArtLoverStudio user’s account. However, there are certain tasks which can only be accomplished by creating a ArtLoverStudio user’s account. The sellers (i.e. Artists) can create their own account, profile page, upload images, content and their artworks for the sake of promotion and sale. In this process, ArtLoverStudio will require the personal information of the sellers such as your name, email address, physical address, phone number so as to assist you in marketing, promotion, and selling your artworks and other promotional offers by ArtLoverStudio.

Furthermore, certain aspects of ArtLoverStudio services can be accessed through third-party platforms which include the social media network like Instagram, facebook, twitter etc. ArtLoverStudio hereby states that the personal information you share with such third-party network is subject to their respective privacy policies. However, any form of information we receive from such third-party platforms through which you access the services of ArtLoverStudio are subject to our privacy policy.

Security of User and Member Accounts

ArtLoverStudio takes utmost care and precaution in ensuring that the accounts created by our esteemed Users and Sellers are secured and safeguarded with high-end security tools such as the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Also, the information we provide to our contracted partners and companies is strictly limited to the ones relevant to them. We do not share additional information with such third-parties and make sure that any data provided to them is used only for the purpose of promoting & other marketing activities for ArtLoverStudio’s services.

Usage Of Cookies

Cookies are basically the alphanumeric identifiers which we use to serve you in a better way the next time you visit ArtLoverStudio. The information we gather with the help of tools like cookies include your internet protocol (IP) address, domain name, time & date you accessed our website and the host from which you accessed the internet. This data is used by us to analyse the traffic coming towards the ArtLoverStudio website which helps us understand the behaviour of our users thereby enabling us to customize the ArtLoverStudio services, products and other promotional & marketing efforts accordingly.

International Data Transfers

ArtLoverStudio and its services are designed and maintained in the United States. We strictly adhere to the laws of the United States which might be different from the privacy policies of the respective countries of international users on site. By using ArtLoverStudio you agree with the privacy policy of the US. If you have any problem with the same, you can choose not to use the site and our services.

Changes or Updates In Our Privacy Policy

ArtLoverStudio reviews its privacy policy on a periodic basis and make relevant updates or changes to it. All the changes made to the privacy policy are notified to you by posting on our website. Any changes with regards to the privacy policy are applicable to the existing and new users and they must all agree to them.

Contact Us For Giving Feedback

In case you have any queries or suggestions pertaining to our privacy policy, please write to us by clicking on the Contact Us menu item or email to us directly.